Submersible pump


Lorentz PSk2 systems are the new generation of solar water pumps designed to deliver the highest volume of water through high pressures. And our pumps perform well in irrigation projects and also in many drinking water applications to meet the most demanding needs and at the same time in an economical manner and without the use of fuel or any electrical network connection.

Our systems provide all the features and functions to the huge water projects using remote control and monitoring inputs

System benefits:

  Strong return on investment compared to diesel and lower irrigation costs and carbon emissions.

Advanced technologies for energy management as it provides the highest amount of water based on the available energy.

A large number of products to suit different applications to reach the highest efficiency

Intelligent product design makes repair methods easy and inexpensive.

Powerful monitoring and control system to provide detailed information about operations and access to the smallest details.

System features:

German engineering using high quality non-perishable materials.

Using an IP/54 stainless steel protection system

Large number of inputs to define pump behavior.

Integrated management and monitoring, including recording device information for a period of 5 years, a smart device to control the pump via Android, and also the PUMP MANAGER remote control system

Radiation measurement and pump control based on available energy.

Providing integrated systems between solar energy and diesel generators / electricity grid.

More than

18 years of excellence